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  1. Collaboration
  2. Idea champion
  3. Submitting an idea
  4. Challenges


Collaboration is fundamental to Idealink. After someone submits their idea, the community can work together to discuss, improve, and vote on it. The user can allow any number of users to collaborate directly on the idea. Once it has been filled out and polished, it can bubble to the top for administrators to review.

The Idealink workflow is extremely configurable: you can craft the collaboration process by changing security rules, creating statuses, and hooking into events.

Idea champion

The idea champion is the main person who owns the idea — they can edit the idea, approve contributors, ask others to help, and moderate discussion. They're expected to listen to user feedback, improve the idea, and help it along until it's approved. The idea champion can leave the idea at any time.

Submitting an idea

Submitting an idea is quick and easy: fill out the required fields and submit it. You'll have the option of becoming the champion of that idea or to let someone else pick up your idea and champion it.


A challenge is an invitation to the community to submit ideas about a particular problem or need. This helps you enlist the help of the community to address specific needs.